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“Mr. Hafizi is one of the most gifted young instrumentalists that I have had the pleasure
of working with, one whose abilities promise a wonderful future in the world of music”.

John McLaughlin Williams



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Martin Hafizi Music
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My Mission

My teaching philosophy

“Have fun while making progress!'' This combination is what I always look for in my lessons. These two things have a priority and they are equally important! According to your preferences, I will set personal short-term and long-term goals for you and we will work hard together to achieve them! We all have weak and strong sides but I will focus on taking the best out of you and your talent! At the same time I will make sure you leave every lesson inspired and with a smile!”

What can you learn?

Are you a beginner? I will make sure you mastered the basic aspects of drumming:

- a proper stick grip  (essential)
- a good body posture  (crucial)
- reading notes / scores  (very important)
- basic drum patterns and grooves  (the real playing)
- time keeping (vital)
- counting  (very important)
- etc.

Are you more advanced? Then we will go deeper into your music taste and your wishes and at the same time work on elements such as:

- technique 
- playing with play-along tracks  (any music genres)
- writing down your own drum chart of a song
- improvising
- developing your ear


Lesson Fees

3-lesson package (only possible in the beginning):

3 x 30 min. = 75 euro

10-lesson packages:

10 x 30 min. = 250 euro

10 x 45 min. = 350 euro

10 x 60 min. = 450 euro

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Martin Hafizi was born in 1993. He started to play the percussion at the age of six. Later on, he was accepted at the National School of Music “Lyubomir Pipkov” in the class of Maria Palieva.
Between 2001 and 2015 he has won numerous awards from national and international competitions such as:
- Three 1st prizes from the National Competition for Percussion Instruments “Pendim” in Plovdiv
   (in 2001, 2003 and 2009)
-  1st prize from the International Competition for Young Performers in Ribaroja del Turia, Valencia (in 2005)
-  1st prize from International Competition “Young Virtuosos” (in Sofia, 2006)
-  2nd prize from the Fifth International Competition for Composition and Percussion Instruments in Cannes, France
       (in 2010).
One of the highest honors he has received was the prestigious Grand Prix of Dmitry Likhachev in the "Constellation of talents" competition in St. Petersburg, Russia 2010.
He also won the 3rd prize and the prize of the audience on the International Percussion Quartet Competition, Luxembourg 2015 with the percussion ensemble “4EXAMPBLE”.
He has performed with artists such as Hristo Yotzov, Bobby Yotzov, Stoyan Yankulov, Hilda Kazasyan, Tatiana Koleva.
In the end of June, 2016, Martin Hafizi obtained a Bachelor’s degree, majoring in drums in the jazz department of “Conservatory for the Arts” in Rotterdam in the class of Hans van Oosterhout and Joost Patocka. In 2018 Martin obtained a Master’s degree in the pop department in the class of Martijn Vink and Hans Eijkenaar.
Since he started performing at the jazz scene in The Netherlands he had the chance to perform on stage together with the world-renowned tabla player and percussionist Niti Ranjan Biswas. He also performed with Codarts Big Band conducted by John Beasley. Recently Martin has been touring in Europe and Asia and performing on festivals such as:
    - Taichung Jazz Festival (Taiwan)
    - Urbano Dejanje (Slovenia)
    - A to JazZ Festival (Bulgaria)

"In 2018 Martin won the competition “Keep an Eye The Records” (held in Bimhuis, Amsterdam) with his own project - Half Easy Trio."
Currently he is involved in a couple of different international projects – Half Easy Trio, Uvira / Bruno / Hafizi Trio, Echo Sister, etc.